About “Viveck”

‘Viveck Kantawala’ struggled in the automobile industry (buying & selling of used & new cars) for about 20 years & succeded, he adds i started working (along side education) since the age of 15 with my father Mr. Mahesh. N. Kantawala who was already in the automobile industry since 1958.

Passionate towards ‘Car Racing’, cars came to me as a legacy which had to be taken forward being a family business.

Life was a roller – coaster after the loss of my father Mr. Mahesh Kantawala & the next eight years unearthed my near & dear ones as I saw my closest relatives / friends & other people in their true colours.

I tried every thing in my capacity to change difficult situations which was in vain, until a well wisher guided me to a ‘Guru’ who identified my capabilities & told me to follow ways of spiritualism to use my capabilities for the enhancement of others.

After consulting an Astrologer & a Numerologist & implementing certain corrections with myself including my name spelling, I took up full time life coaching, counselling & phychic reading. What followed in the next three months was an astounding change in my personal life which also gave birth to the ‘Spiritual’ “Viveck Kantawla” & I could overcome the difficulties of my own life. I have been practicing these abilities for the past Ten years & professionally for the past Five years.

A born car dealer, I was forced to change ways as ‘life taught me ’. A hypnotic healer & a psychic reader or a ‘seer’ as it is known I can read people from their vibes, voices, faces, hand writing, signatures, personal presence & aura. A self styled ‘Guru’ preaching spiritualism in a trendy manner, a self styled Numerologist & a certified counsellor from Institute of Human Technology, India, I specialize in child, teenage, career, disturbed relationships & senior citizens counselling with the help of Numerology & in many other ways. I specialize in counselling & motivation & “I am the first person in india to merge counselling with numerology all my other talents”.

I feel that most people who come to me for help & guidance are “Estranged from God & the Universe” because of their circumstances. It is my only goal in my life now, that I am blessed with the ability to help, heal & empower the needy. I strongly believe that the human mind has the power to overcome any hurdles of life & this power lies within ourselves. I have witnessed this not only with myself but have been able to benefit several other people through numerology, hypnosis, psychic readings, motivation, healing & counselling.

A ‘Staunch’ believer & follower of Shree ‘Sai Baba’ of ‘Shirdi’ in ‘Maharashtra’ near ‘Mumbai’ city in ‘India’ I got inspired in my child hood towards ‘Occultism’ by seeing my father Mr. Mahesh Kantawala who used to practice the ‘Planchette’ prophet keeping Shree ‘Sai Baba’ as the medium, but my father stopped the practice as people started asking questions against natures law & for illegal practices like Numbers to horse races & lottery tickets etc. But the inspiration kept burning inside me & I soon got involved in following Shree ‘Sai Baba’.

In my teenage, many a times I would just say certain things which would come true, after which, jokingly people close to me started calling me“Kali Zaaban” (black tongue), but very soon I realized the capacity of this ‘Extreme Intuition’ & I started using it for betterment of other people. Today I am able to use my psychic capacities by keeping Shree ‘Sai Baba’ as the medium just like my father. I very strongly believe & follow the principles those taught by my father & i implement them in my personal & professional life too.

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