• Certified Counsellor from Institute of Human Technology, India

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Situations and hardships are critical & essential elements of one’s life & are inevitable. They play a Vital role in keeping one’s Ego, Understanding and Values grounded. While this is true, every individual at some point seeks support & guidance in dealing with situations or decision making, irrespective of the strata of society that one comes from. The richest to the poorest, the highly educated to the not so well qualified, the older generation to the millenials – there is a constant challenge of somekind , at every stage of life that one battles with. Such is the time, when someone with specific skills can help you out of a situation.

Its no magic, its all about facing reality and tweeking our focus that brings about the required change. This is further enhanced when someone’s special skills adds value and makes the process simpler. Viveck’s almost accurate psychic reading, while conversing with a person helps him read the seeker better and tells him more about the person. This provides great leverage in understanding the vibes to help the person in need. ViveckKantawla has dedicated himself to serving patrons, desperately trying to bail themselves out of situations in life – be it a student in stress or an adult seeking help with career, family or relationship matters. Something that began as a favour to a few close family & friends turned out to become a regular affair through word of mouth and the rest as they say is history.

Viveck hones the skill of being a certified Counselor and Numerologist and aims at helping those in need using a combination of these, enhanced by his psychic reading abilities.