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Psychic reading and counselling in mumbai

Psychic Reading

Psychic Reading is a specific attempt to discern information through the use of heightened perceptive abilities. It may also be referred to as a natural extension of the basic human senses and instinct.

Viveck effectively uses Intuition to support his readings through vibes and recommends remedies accordingly. These remedies are simple and practical and has helped several with overall well-being.Viveck’s exceptional ability to get to the core of the problem by deriving untold information through psychic reading sets him apart as a counsellor as he nails down the issue with precision. This enables him on the appropriate direction for counselling.

Child counselling in mumbai


A term very commonly used, however interpreted in multiple forms. In General, a counsellor is a person who provides advice with a certain situation. This however, is effective only when the seeker is in a position and does share undiluted information on the problem in hand.

Viveck being a Certified counsellor and with years of experience eases his clients to speak up, thereby providing complete confidentiality and support in dealing with varied situations of life such as workplace stress, relationship issues, handling a vulnerable teenage or family feuds to name a few.

Destiny number analysis in usa


Numerology is a predictive science that uses numbers or the numerical value of alphabets just as astrologers use planets and their positions to study and predict. A science that has gained immense popularity across the globe and one of the most sought after remedies to correct a particular situation, Numerology is widely accepted and followed by many. The date and time at which one is born is etched for life and the numbers add up to determine various incidents or destiny as one may call it. Though what is ought to occur is beyond human control , there are modifications that Numerology can facilitate that dilutes or enhances the ill-effects or effects of life situations.

Viveck is an expert in Numerology and can help you with career, marriage, compatibility, weekly/monthly/yearly charts, knowing your lucky numbers, dealing with negativity or health issues and more.

Other Services

Basic vaastu in mumbai
Vastu Shastra

Viveck Kantawla specializes in basic and major vastu. Basic vastu can help change basics of life for betterment and major vastu is a complete remedy which may call for multiple changes /alterations to a premise/space.

Basic and major vastu recommendations are advised basis the requirement of the seeker. Viveck aims at making changes easier with use of yantras, japas , chants and puja which help rectify most shortcomings.

Hypnotic healer from mumbai
Hypnotic Healing

Hypnotic Healing provides spiritual healing for mind, body and soul with the aid of hypnosis. This therapy transports the recipient to state of trance when the healing is done and requires the therapist and the recipient to be fully involved to achieve desired results. V.K is a trained Hypnotist and performs the procedure with utmost care and precision.

Tarot card reading services
Indian Tarot Cards

Viveck Kantawla's second innovation after Tarells, Indian Tarot Cards was conceived as a result of command from the cosmos during meditation. The cards are laid using different methods, and each card is interpreted to predict future. This readings using these are quite accurate and fits Indian as well as International requirements.

Best tarells astrology services

Tarells is Viveck Kantawla's innovation that combines Tarot and cowrie shells in a particular fashion that blends the power of both these modes of prediction in an optimum fashion to help read fortune or misfortune and provide solutions therein. The readings with this method is quite accurate and reliable.

Crystal ball gazing and counselling in mumbai
Crystal Ball Gazing

This again is one of the oldest forms which involves gazing at a crystal ball seeking solutions to questions posed. The Crystal Ball is considered a very sacred tool and besides seeking remedies te preacher sometimes is also able to analyse a person’s character and assist with appropriate decisions to be taken on situations or issues at hand.

Crystal ball gazing and counselling in mumbai
Colour Therapy

Colour Therapy helps with mental, physical emotional and spiritual issues and is also a recommended therapy for relaxation. This therapy uses colours to balance the ‘Chakras’ of the body. When certain colours are gazed at, their energies are absorbed and improves the balance of your emotional state. An ancient Egyptian form of healing, his therapy can be used with any other therapy as well as found appropriate by the therapist.

Occultist astrology in mumbai
Aura Reading

Viveck can visit your premises for basic vastu and can sense the positive and negative energes of a place, be it home, office, warehouse or farmhouse. In case any form of negativity is traced , then appropriate remedies such as chats, or poojas are recommended to negate the negativity and bring in positive energies for betterment and growth.

Teenage counselling in mumbai

Kundli reading is reading of one’s horoscope. Viveck Kantawla can recommend vedic homas, poojas and yagnas, performed by priests for all sorts of Doshas ( Astrological planetary defects/faults) to assist with marriage, wealth, illness, education, evil eyes etc, post thorough reading of kundlis.

Cowrie shells shashtra

A traditional method to predict future used even today in south India, Cowrie Shell was used largely between the 17th and 19th centuries. This mode of fortune telling involves using anywhere between 8 to 21 cowries and interpreting the resulting pattern when thrown on a flat surface.