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Smita Shah

” I have known Viveck for over 6 years now & I trust the efficiency with which he helps people out of difficult situations. He has, with his physchic reading read a lot about me & my past which I would not share with people in general.

He was a pillar of strength, when situations worsened for me. Viveck has helped me fight tough times very differently & practically. He has been a guide, a friend, a confidanate & a saviour.

I believe its very important for one to have someone who can guide you on your actions, when things go wrong, else, more often we tend to react either emotionally or agressively which may not get us out of the situation, instead lands us in further mess. I have always walked up to him without second thoughts at such times.”

Jeett Jairaj

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” Anybody needs motivation ?
Then U have to speak to this guy.
He can turn u around. He’s a great listener & even better reader ( of one’slife,stars,character..)
Try him out, you won’t regret it.
Jeett on the move “

Kanthi Chari

” Viveck is not the usual run-of the mill kind of astrologer. I have interacted with him on many issues during the past 3 years & I have found his observations/predictions very accurate.

His friendly & cheerful disposition makes him a great & reliable confidante. Very practical, extremely intuitive, full of positivity he has surprised me with his psychic abilities in reading my mind more often even before I voiced them.

He does not solve your problem but makes you think & act to find your own solutions! Always willing to help if you allow him to help you ! ”

Indu Shah

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” I have known viveck for past 15 years & i thank god for the day i met him. Viveck oozes positive energy. Besides being a good psychic reader, he is also an amazing motivator.

You walk into his office, bent down with emotional and personal burden on your shoulder & walk out straight, full of positive energy & logical solutions for life & problems with you. With the multi ability that he has, i can say that he is like a super market, “Everything under one roof”‘.

When you are with him “Be careful what you wish for” !! It might come true !

Mr.Sreekumar Nair

Being of a scientific bent of mind, I was very skeptical initially when a year back my wife told me about Viveck’s abilities. I have known Viveck for a long time and I was intrigued by the fact that he also has this facet in his life which I wanted to find out more about.

I was interested in seeing what he could do for me, and I went to meet him. He suggested certain stones and mantras that I should recite to get over the professional crisis that I was going through at that time. I do not know what worked for me, but whatever Viveck recommended gave me total peace of mind. Viveck has that unique characteristic in him which makes him a cut above the rest – his ability to listen. He will listen to you patiently and faithfully and then based on certain calculations that he does, gives suggestions. And the best part about him is that he does insist that you follow him – which in my mind makes him a genuine human being

As of today I know that I can go to him with any problem under the sun, and he will surely help me out

Meena – Jitu

We met Viveck when we were passing through one or our worst phases in our life and had no one to turn to. He encompassed us with his calm and serenity. He encouraged us to look deep within ourselves to realize deep connectivity and purpose.

He helped us find solutions to each of our problems in a very practical and simplistic manner. He enthused us with positive energy. He taught us to operate out of trust and to transmit the energy of trust around us. With his profound knowledge of numerology and psychic reading, we were able to choose our path and get out of our financial problems.

We thank you very much for guiding us with care and love.



“Viveck has an uncanny ability to read a person like a book. Distances do not matter. Just “follow his instructions” and provide regular feedbacks via telephone or mail. The results are 100%. He has predicted very grave and critical events in my life. He has also offered solutions- even when I did not contact him personally. My life has changed after meeting him. He keeps connected with those who believe & need his help”.

Warm & affectionate regards,
Executive- OPERATIONS,
L&T Finance, Chennai – 600008

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